Day 6

Off to day 6 of the end of porn and the end of my erectile dysfunction, I hope. I’m not sure if having intercourse slows this process down, but it’ll be difficult to explain to my girlfriend that I want to stop having sex for a while. So we did it again last night, with some success, but not to be counted as “good intercourse” per the rules I set out on day 4.

I say with some success because I maintained an erection most of the time. But that’s about all the success there was to it, other than that all the other parts sucked; it was a measly 70% erection – barely over the minimum to successfully penetrate, it took me forever to ejaculate, I had to fantasize (trying to actively block this out though – but then go back to it in fear of losing my erection! Damn!), and I didn’t have a whole lot of sensitivity in my penis. All those things need to be fixed. I can’t wait to have this sh*t behind me.

On the emotional side, I’ve been having some slight mood swings where I’m either overwhelmed with positive emotion or I want to say really mean things to people. I’m doing well holding myself in check though, so nothing bad has happened as a result yet.

It’s been almost a week and I don’t miss porn at all. I just want my sex life to be free of worry and full of fun. Please let this happen sooner than later!

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