Day 10

So far, so good – day 10 has almost passed. No porn or masturbation for TEN straight days. A whopping 14,400 minutes which I spent without looking at porn. I’m proud of myself! Also, 5 days have passed since I last had intercourse so I’m wondering if I’ll notice a difference the next time. What’s strange is that I get a longing for porn every time I’m in front of my home computer. I really turned into Pavlov’s dog with respect to porn.

I still don’t have any significant morning wood, major spontaneous erections, or anything else of that kind. I don’t feel particularly turned on by hot women yet either; I’d say I’m mostly indifferent. My dreams and thoughts are not related to porn, sex, or any such topic. The only thing I notice is that I have slight mood swings but I believe I catch them before I say or do something I’d regret later. That’s all there is to report!

  1. Fantastic! I too am going through the process. 14 days so far. I can’t get enough of these recovery journals, they keep the urges and crucially self-doubt at bay.

    • I completely agree. When I sit on my computer and my brain goes “hey, why don’t you check out some porn… come on… just for a few minutes… it won’t be that bad” then I go and browse recovery journals and new material on ED and porn. It helps!

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