I’m a healthy male in my late twenties. I suffer from porn-induced erectile dysfunction, meaning that due to daily internet porn use over about 15 years I have developed problems getting aroused, maintaining erections, or ejaculating during real sex. I typically have to use porn fantasy to get aroused and stay erect, my erections are rather on the soft side, and it takes me up to 45 minutes to ejaculate. Minimal interruptions will cause a loss of erection. Again, all this is only with a real partner – masturbating to porn is easy, fast, and I have a strong erection. I need to turn this around to prefer real sex over internet porn. See my day 1 post for my goals. I’ll keep you up to date during my journey.. wish me luck!

  1. Good luck. I like to your blog from mine Hopefully our experiences can help others.

    • Thank you! Good luck to you as well my friend. May our efforts be fruitful… I can’t wait for the day that I can report that I’m cured. It still seems far away today and being cured is not a state I can imagine since I’ve never been there before. It’s like imagining a new color!

    • james
    • November 29th, 2011

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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